After CNN Calls out Trump Lies, Trump Labels CNN the ‘Clinton News Network’


Trump’s irrational reaction to just about any obstacle is to childishly cry foul. Ask him a question and you’re his enemy. Criticize something he said and you’re biased, as CNN just found out after calling out the reality star for his lies.

Trump took to Twitter Sunday evening to say CNN is the “Clinton News Network”:

Staring at his small, small hands and taking a deep breath, he no doubt realized his massive sense of insecurity mandated another insult be hurled at the news channel so he sent this tweet an hour later:


There! That’ll show them for using videos of things he said to prove he lied. If the MSM is “one big lie,” Trump’s presidential campaign is one big lie after another in an unending stream. His reaction to CNN was simply to do what he always does, and that is to accuse them of what he himself is guilty of: dishonesty.

A couple hours later, for good measure, he announced he’d be interviewed by Judge Jeanine on Fox News at 9 pm. Jeanine Pirro is predictably and safely in Trump’s corner. After all, she endorsed him back in February, saying,

“I’ve known Donald for 30 years. I’ve seen the Donald know one else sees. He’s a great parent, and a hard worker. I endorse him for President!”

Snuggled in the metaphor of Pirro’s welcoming arms he gets to talk about Hillary Clinton as though she’s him: “Hillary’s a major liar,” he told Jeanine on June 4. Nine out of 10 things coming out of his own mouth are lies but Hillary is the liar.

Despite his frequent rows with Fox News, that network is for Trump what it is for most Republican candidates, a safe harbor from the less congenial surroundings of our fact-based world, a place where they are not actually expect to have coherent answers to serious questions.

Speaking of which, he didn’t ignore Hillary Sunday evening, sending one savage little tweet her way, doing what he did earlier to CNN and accusing her of all the things he’s been shown guilty of by Elizabeth Warren and Clinton:

Once again Donald Trump has retreated into his world of insults, avoiding unwelcome facts in favor of simply calling names. He told Judge Jeanine that his defunct Trump University was “hugely successful” which is just about all you need to know about Trump’s mindset. No criticism of him is justified. Fox News surrendered and they’re now “OK” in his book while CNN has become the new enemy.

CNN’s only crime was proving that Donald Trump did not tell the truth. In challenging his restructuring of his past to suit the needs of the moment, it committed an unpardonable sin. In Trump’s error-ridden either/or world, what is not for him is against him, and that means CNN is the ‘Clinton News Network.’