Donald Trump Shows Signs Of Mental Breakdown By Calling All Journalists Racists

In a call with surrogates, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump showed signs that he is not well by overruling his campaign, and calling all journalists who ask about his comments about the Trump U judge racists.

Bloomberg reported on Trump’s call with his surrogates:
“We will overcome,” Trump said, according to two supporters who were on the call and requested anonymity to share their notes with Bloomberg Politics. “And I’ve always won and I’m going to continue to win. And that’s the way it is.”


When former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer interrupted the discussion to inform Trump that his own campaign had asked surrogates to stop talking about the lawsuit in an e-mail on Sunday, Trump repeatedly demanded to know who sent the memo, and immediately overruled his staff.
“Take that order and throw it the hell out,” Trump said.


A clearly irritated Trump told his supporters to attack journalists who ask questions about the lawsuit and his comments about the judge.

“The people asking the questions—those are the racists,” Trump said. “I would go at ’em.”

Suggesting a broader campaign against the media, Trump said the campaign should also actively criticize television reporters. “I’d let them have it,” he said, referring to those who Trump portrayed as hypocrites.

It would appear that the Republican Party’s Captain Queeg is losing his marbles. The call with surrogates confirmed everything that has been recently reported in the media about the Trump campaign. Donald Trump is the campaign. He doesn’t listen to staff or the Republican Party. Trump cares more about smearing a judge who he feels like has wronged him than he does being the leader of one of the two political parties in the United States of America.

There was a whole bunch of crazy in that conference call, but the craziest moment of all was when Trump suggested that the journalists who are doing their jobs by asking him questions about the Trump University case and his comments about the judge are the real racists. Trump is telling his own surrogates to personally smear a sitting judge, not for the Republican Party, or the election, but to help Trump pay back a personal vendetta.

Donald Trump sounds like a lunatic. But who is crazier, the man running the Republican Party or the people who handed him the Republican presidential nomination?