Hillary Clinton Responds Perfectly to Media Declaring Her The Presumptive Nominee

Several major news organizations declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee on Monday night after the former Secretary of State secured enough required delegates to make her the first woman in U.S history to lead a major-party presidential ticket.

On the eve of the much-anticipated June 7 primary contests, the Clinton campaign had a quick response to the news: Not so fast.

The candidate herself tweeted this not long ago:

This is historic, of course, but Clinton and her campaign were likely hoping to delay crossing the delegate threshold for at least one more day, giving voters in six states a chance to weigh in before the former Secretary of State was officially named the presumptive nominee.

The Clinton response shows just how closely they are sticking to their original campaign mantra of earning every vote. After all, Monday night’s declaration of Clinton as the presumptive nominee has the potential to impact the results and suppress turnout, and that’s an outcome neither Democratic candidate wants – especially in a neck-and-neck race in California.

Clinton currently leads Sanders by a margin of over three million votes and has amassed a lead of nearly 300 pledged delegates – margins insurmountable at this stage in the primary race. Still, it is unclear whether the Vermont Sanders will continue to stay in the race following tomorrow’s primaries.