A Reporter Asked Hillary Clinton About Obama And Her Answer Doomed Donald Trump

With one answer about President Obama, Hillary Clinton may have begun to put the nails in Donald Trump’s political coffin.

Clip of Clinton talking to the press in California:

Clinton said:

We’ll be talking about all of that in the next days, and I look forward to that. Obviously, I’m excited about having the President’s support because I’ve said throughout this campaign I was honored to serve in the President’s cabinet as his secretary of state. I don’t think he’s gotten the credit he deserves for saving our economy from the great recession that it was experiencing when he became president. I want to continue and further the progress that we’ve made, and that’s another big difference between where I stand and where Donald Trump stands. He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He wants to go back to failed economic policies that would really hurt working people in our country. He doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage. He doesn’t believe equal pay is a real issue and on and on. So I am going to look forward to campaigning as a really strong advocate for what I think will make the country get going again with the economy growing. The President got us out of that ditch. Now, we’ve gotta run with it, and I’ve laid out plans to do just that.

Hillary Clinton may have doomed Trump and the Republicans to defeat by tying President Obama’s successes to the 2016 election. Clinton is putting all the threads within the Democratic Party together to build on the voting coalition President Obama to victory in 2008 and 2012.

What is interesting about the Clinton message is it isn’t let’s keep doing what Obama did, but she is arguing that President Obama began the job, and it is time for Democrats to take the economy to the next level. Clinton is suggesting not a continuation of Obama’s policies, but the next phase in economic development.

Clinton is embracing the success of Obama’s presidency without running for his third term. It is a tough trick to pull off, but if she is successful, Democrats will be on the path to victory in November.