As Hell Is Breaking Loose In The Republican Party As Sen. Mark Kirk Unendorses Trump

There is a tidal wave of backlash building against Donald Trump within the Republican Party, as Sen. Mark Kirk became the first Republican Senator to unendorse Trump.

Sen. Kirk’s statement:

In March, Sen. Kirk said that he would support Trump if he were the nominee:

Kirk’s unendorsement comes on the heels of Iowa State Senator David Johnson leaving the Republican Party over Trump’s racism, which came after Paul Ryan called Trump’s comments textbook racism. The dam is beginning to break. Republicans are realizing that they can’t personally disavow Trump’s racism while at the same time supporting him as the party’s nominee.

The RNC has written loopholes for themselves in the convention rules, so that if they wanted to get rid of Trump they could. Of course, dumping Trump and ignoring the fact that he received the most votes out of all of the Republican primary candidates rip the party apart and destroy the GOP forever.

Because of their inept weakness as a party, Republicans have put themselves in a no-win situation. If Donald Trump maintains his current trajectory, Republicans will lose at very minimum the White House and the Senate. If Republicans dump Trump, they may fracture their party forever.

As Hillary Clinton is getting ready to celebrate clinching the Democratic nomination, all hell is breaking loose in the Republican Party. The tables have turned, and Republicans are back to being the same circular firing squad that can’t get their act together that the country has witnessed for nearly eight years.

The decision to nominate Donald Trump is already coming back to haunt the Republican Party.

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