Trump Campaign Calls Paul Ryan A Racist As Republican Party Burns Itself To The Ground

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:03 pm

The Republican Party is self-destructing as the Donald Trump campaign is accusing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan of being a racist.


Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord said on CNN, “Speaker Ryan has apparently switched positions and is now supporting identity politics, which is racist. I mean, I am astonished, astonished. I am accusing anybody, anybody, who believes in identity politics, which he apparently now does, of playing the race card. The Republican establishment is playing this. Senator McConnell is playing this. These people have run and hid and borrowed the Democratic agenda of playing the race card. It is wrong….I am saying it is identity politics, and it is racist….Speaker Ryan is playing the race card. It’s got to stop.”

Lord’s comments about Paul Ryan came straight from Donald Trump himself. Yesterday, Trump instructed his surrogates to attack any journalist that asked about his racist comments about the Trump University case judge a racist. Trump surrogate took those directions and applied them to the Speaker of the House on CNN.

The Republican Speaker of the House has accused the presumptive Republican presidential nominee of textbook racism. A surrogate for the presumptive Republican nominee fired back by accusing the Speaker of the House of racism, and no one is surprised. The Republican Party is burning itself to the ground. Elected Republicans are trying to support their toxic nominee while distancing themselves from his behavior, and it is not working.

What voters are witnessing is the destruction of the Republican Party from within. Top party officials like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are afraid of alienating Trump voters who they will need in November, but these same voters are the ones who will lead the party to what could be a blowout defeat.

Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s rock bottom. The question is, will there still be a Republican Party left after Trump gets done with it?

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