Bernie Sanders’ Surrogates Are Abandoning Ship And Telling Him To End His Campaign

The two top surrogates for Bernie Sanders have both told him that it is time to end his campaign.

In an interview with The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, Sen. Jeff Merkley said, “Once a candidate has won a majority of the pledged delegates and a majority of the popular vote, which Secretary Clinton has now done, we have our nominee. This is the moment when we need to start bringing parts of the party together so they can go into the convention with locked arms and go out of the convention unified into the general election….The super-delegates are set aside when you make the judgment that you have a majority of the pledged delegates. I would not support a battle that involves trying to flip super-delegates.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva said, “The reality is unattainable at some point. You deal with that. Bernie is going to deal with this much more rapidly than you think. At some point, when we’re trying to flip 400 super-delegates, and it’s not gaining traction, I think you have to come to the conclusion that it’s not going to happen. You just move into a different direction. And that different direction is that we begin to try to integrate the party.He’s gonna do the right thing.”

I agree with Rep. Grijalva. Sen. Sanders will do the right thing. There is virtually no argument left to make. During his speech in California last night, Sen. Sanders talked about a political movement and a revolution. He talked about taking the fight to Philadelphia, but he didn’t explicitly say that he was going to be the Democratic nominee.

It is clear to everyone who is not Bernie Sanders or a diehard Sanders supporter that the time for ending his campaign is near. Sanders wants to shape the future of the Demoocratic Party, and he can do without causing himself the embarrassment of forcing a vote on the convention floor. It’s over, and it is time for Bernie Sanders to start planning the next phase of his political revolution.