Clinton Campaign Looks To Woo Disaffected GOP Voters With ‘Republicans Against Trump’ Effort

Yesterday was a great day for Hillary Clinton. Correction: It’s been a great week for her.

Last night, she cruised to victory in four states – New Jersey, California, South Dakota and New Mexico – and delivered a historic victory speech in Brooklyn, New York that drew a stark contrast with the remarks that Trump boringly read from a teleprompter.

Over the course of the past week, Donald Trump’s campaign has hilariously started to crumble, while Clinton’s campaign is seemingly becoming better and stronger – from her foreign policy take down of Trump last week to her rousing speech last night.

At the same time, a growing number of Republican figures are lining up to either condemn Trump’s rhetoric or simply oppose him altogether. Even GOP mega-doner Charles Koch called the presumptive GOP nominee’s recent attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel “racist” and “unacceptable.”

With so many Republicans growing uneasy and disappointed in their nominee, the Clinton campaign is hoping to appeal to them with a new website and social media presence dubbed “Republicans Against Trump.”

The site,, was launched on June 2, and it’s a clear indication that the presumptive Democratic nominee is wasting no time in targeting the growing number of voters turned off by the spray-tanned bigot.

When visitors arrive at the website’s homepage, they are instructed to pledge to oppose Trump in return for a free bump sticker.

“Donald Trump is not qualified to be president,”  the site’s homepage reads. “He does not represent my beliefs as a Republican and, more importantly, my values as an American. He does not speak for me and I will not vote for him.”

According to Politico, the former Secretary of State’s campaign has started to purchase advertisements promoting the new website and has even created a “Republicans Against Trump” Facebook page, which has about 800 likes as of this writing.

Many Republican leaders and voters are clearly uncomfortable with Trump as their party’s standard-bearer. Hillary Clinton is hoping to pick off as many as she can in order to run up the score on the presumptive GOP nominee come November.

Hillary Clinton Republicans Against Trump
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