Fox News’ White Males Call Historic Clinton Win ‘Boring’

Pretty much everybody recognizes the historical importance of Barack Obama becoming the first black president of the United States. The same is true for Hillary Clinton shattering the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to become the presumptive nominee of a major political party in the United States. It’s a big deal. The mainstream media recognizes it.

The Associated Press said Hillary Clinton had seized “her place in history,” and CNN called it a “historic night.” And love or hate Hillary Clinton, it was a historic night.

Fox News’s white males beg to differ, of course. For Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, “It comes off to me as really drab.” Sort of a “meh” moment for old Greg, who lamented Tuesday on Fox News’ The Five,

“Can I question the historical value of this? It comes off to me as really drab. When you think back to 2007, with Barack Obama and you know, this was the historic event, but with Hillary, it doesn’t feel that great. It doesn’t have the glory. It’s like you won a trip on Wheel of Fortune and it’s to Venezuela.


“It’s funny, there isn’t the joy of this moment because she’s — if you took away that one thing, the historical, you don’t have anything.”

Poor Greg. It wasn’t a Republican woman. Of course, it was not ever likely to be a Republican woman because the GOP is all about having penises. And being white. And calling yourself a Christian no matter how much you ignore Jesus’ actual teachings.

Hope you didn’t miss how he managed to disparage Venezuela while he was at it. I’d say better Venezuela than any state in which Gutfeld happens to be living.

Eric Bolling, not to be outdone, said,

“Yeah, you take away Barack Obama being the first African-American and you still had a really exciting candidate. You take the first woman nominee away and you still have Hillary Clinton, who you’re like, eh, it’s kind of boring.”

You’d think they’d be far less obsessed with Hillary Clinton if they thought she was boring. Steve Doocy called it “anti-climactic” on this morning’s Fox & Friends:

“Last night certainly historic for Hillary Clinton, and yet I guess because she was pretty much coronated by the DNC half a year ago, it seemed a little anti-climactic. Also she’s been running for president for over a decade.”

Brian Kilmeade agreed with Doocy and said, “the drama wasn’t there” and “we knew this day was inevitable.”

Well..yeah, that’s why you guys have spent the past few years doing everything in your power to destroy Hillary Clinton’s reputation.

It was also inevitable that Fox News would do its best to downplay any accomplishment of Clinton’s. After all, they have a lot of experience with doing that. Look at Barack Obama’s two terms as president. They don’t even consider him to BE president, particularly not during the eighth and final year of his administration.

History was made, but secure in its alternate reality bubble, Fox News lets history pass it by.