Paul Ryan Cancels Press Conference And Hides From Reporters To Avoid Talking About Trump

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has canceled his weekly press conference to avoid answer questions about his support for Donald Trump, despite Ryan’s own admission that the presumptive Republican nominee is a racist.

House Democrats pounced all over Ryan for cutting and running away from the press:

When he was Speaker, John Boehner rarely canceled his weekly press conference, so Ryan’s cancellation coming one day after the Speaker finds himself in serious hot water for saying that the man the Republican Party will nominate for president made comments that were, “textbook racism,” but at the same time admitting that a racist president if fine with him as long as that President signs the bills that the House passes has been a total disaster.
The Trump campaign responded to Ryan’s comments by suggesting that the Republican Speaker of the House is a racist. Paul Ryan is trapped between his own condemning of Trump and his support for the Republican nominee.

Ryan found out the hard way that personally disavowing Trump’s racism, while still supporting the candidate is not going to fly.

Speaker Ryan is showing the lack of courage that is typical of the Republican Party. When faced with a difficult situation, Ryan is leading by hiding from the press. This sort of “leadership” is how spineless Republicans ended up stuck with a clueless, racist, wannabe authoritarian strongman as their nominee.

Instead of facing the music for his own lack of integrity, Paul Ryan is hiding from the media.

Paul Ryan needs to learn that when the going gets tough, real leaders don’t hide.