Republicans In A Full Blown Panic As Trump Launches New Racist Attack On Judge

Republicans are in a state of panic after Trump launched a new round of racist attacks on the Trump University case judge.

Donald Trump’s teleprompter speech and statement were supposed to calm Republicans down, but then Trump went and did this during an interview with Cal Thomas:

CT: So there will be less talk about Mexicans and other things and more about issues?

DT: Yes, the reason I bring up the (Trump University) lawsuit, because it is a lawsuit I am going to win. … I have thousands of students who loved the school and I’ve been treated very unfairly in that lawsuit. I don’t care if a judge is Mexican or what. What I care about is to be treated fairly. And the only reason I spent time on it is when they ask me a question, instead of saying I have no comment and then winning the case two years from now, I’d rather bring up parts of the case. For instance, you possibly didn’t know I have many thousands of letters saying the course was great. And people have actually been successful after they took the course. It’s worth my while to explain this because people then say, ‘Wow, I never knew that.’

Trump promised in a statement not to talk about the Trump University judge anymore, so he now talks about the judge in every interview. Instead of reassuring Republicans, Donald Trump has caused a full blown panic.

In case Republicans still haven’t gotten it yet, Donald Trump isn’t going to stop making racist statements. Judge Curiel is not from Mexico. He is from Indiana. What should be most disturbing to Republicans is that Trump continues to place winning the Trump U case ahead of winning the White House. Donald Trump is using his platform as the Republican nominee to attack a sitting judge.

Top Republicans are unendorsing and refusing to endorse Trump, and yet, the racist attacks are continuing on a daily basis. The only choice that Republicans may have left comes down to getting rid of Trump or letting him destroy their party.