The GOP Is Being Run By A Six Year Old As Trump Announces He’s Not Going To Have Policies

Donald Trump has announced that he thinks policies are a stupid waste, so he is not going to have any policies in his presidential campaign.

According to Time:

For Trump, the idea of hiring an aide whom he might never meet is a recipe for waste. “Hillary’s campaign is crazy,” he continued. “I look at her staffing, and I mean she’s got the United States government there.” He even mocks her focus on putting out so many policy proposals, a longtime tradition for major party nominees. “She’s got people that sit in cubicles writing policy all day. Nothing’s ever going to happen. It’s just a waste of paper.” (The Clinton campaign counts that paper as a point of pride: 73,645 words of policy and counting.)

According to Trump, it is crazy for a person who is running for president to tell the voters what they are going to do by having policies and plans to deal with problems.

This president stuff is easy. Just wake up in the morning and decide things. If he is elected president, Trump may wake up one day and outlaw the color blue, or decide to reimpose segregation via executive order.

Trump’s just going to roll with it. He may decide to start a war on Monday and pull out the troops by Friday because having actual policies is for losers.

Donald Trump is the perfect nominee for a political party whose only policy for the past seven plus years has been to say no. Trump is going to run the United States government like a spoiled six-year-old with the expectation that the American people will bend to his every whim. Republicans think that they can control Donald Trump but they are wrong.

Trump doesn’t want to be president to make a difference. Donald Trump wants to be president because he thinks he’s great and that he deserves it.

The Republican nominee isn’t just dangerous. He’s delusional.