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The Results Are In: Hillary Wins Twitter War with Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:04 pm

Trump’s answer to Hillary’s devastating three-word tweet came in yesterday. Jason Easley opined that Trump’s response was “pathetic” and the Twitterverse seems to agree with that assessment, as retweets and “likes” don’t lie.

As a refresher, here is Trump’s pathetic response:

As it turns out, the Twitterverse is all in Hillary Clinton’s corner this morning. The results are in and Trump managed 140K retweets and 212K likes as of the time I sat down to write this. Hillary’s original masterpiece has earned her 386K retweets and 465K likes – and climbing.

In fact, Hillary’s rhetorical fingerprints are all over her trolling of Trump. The reality show star is just jealous he couldn’t come up with a clever retort.

That’s apparently the best he can do. Of course, Trump doesn’t have much of a staff beyond the stray intern he likes to blame for his frequent twitter mistakes. He is in hock up to his neck to foreign banks and apparently has no money of his own. If he could afford a staff, he might have had a cleverer answer at hand.

If the election were decided on Twitter by a single tweet apiece, it looks like Hillary would win, and with a highly suggestive economy of words.

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