Support For Trump Is Collapsing By The Minute As Hillary Clinton Gains 3 Points In 2 Days

A new poll found that Hillary Clinton has gone from holding an 8 point lead over Donald Trump in the middle of the week to an 11 point lead by Friday.

On June 8, Hillary Clinton had a 44%-36% lead over Donald Trump in the Reuters/IPSOS Daily Tracking Poll. By June 10, Clinton’s lead had grown to 47%-36% in the same poll. Trump’s support has not been higher than 36% in more than two weeks. Trump’s support at any time in the poll has never been above 40%.

Support for Donald Trump is relatively flat. At no time has Trump gotten close to having a majority of the country support him. Trump is still pulling the same 40ish percent that he had during the Republican primary. Donald Trump is running the exact same kind of campaign that he ran in the primary, which is why the general electorate is currently rejecting him.

The good news for Hillary Clinton is that her candidacy has plenty of room to grow. As Bernie Sanders winds down his campaign, and the majority of his supporters find their way to Clinton, her numbers should continue to go up.

It is easy to see why chatter is growing on the Republican side about dumping Trump at the convention. The man is literally losing support by the day. Donald Trump hasn’t transitioned to the biggest stage in American politics, and voters are overwhelming rejecting the tactics, the positions, and the man himself as an option for the presidency.