Trump Repulsively Celebrates The Deaths Of 50 Americans In Orlando Terror Attack

Donald Trump is celebrating the death of 50 Americans and the wounding of more than 50 more by with a day-long series of tweets on Twitter.

Instead of worrying about those who were wounded and lost their lives, Trump has been taking victory laps on Sunday.
Trump tweeted:

Trump then went back to the Muslim bigotry well and called for President Obama to resign:

Of course, after having mentioned someone not named Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee continued to celebrate “being right:”

Donald Trump hasn’t shown a shred of concern for the victims in any of his tweets. Trump has not offered any plan to stop the violence. The Republican nominee brought up his Muslim ban, but the problem is that his ban would not have applied to the Orlando shooter because he was a US citizen.

The Republican nominee has spent the day of the worst mass shooting in American history congratulating himself and celebrating his intelligence when more than 100 Americans have died or were wounded. Donald Trump is behaving like a sociopath, not a president.

His self-celebration of an attacked that has brought pain to so many is exactly why Donald Trump should never be president.

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