Trump Ignores Worse Mass Shooting In US History To Whine About Clinton Ad


Donald Trump showed how unfit for the presidency he really is by responding to the worst mass shooting in US history with a complaint about a Hillary Clinton campaign ad against him. Trump followed his whining with a tweet that tried to exploit the shooting for his presidential campaign.

Here is what Trump tweeted as the nation mourned the worst mass shooting in American history:


What was on Trump’s mind after the worst mass shooting in US history wasn’t the victims or the families, or leading the country in mourning. Trump was most concerned about a new campaign ad that showed him mocking a disabled reporter. Even at a time of great national tragedy, his tweets revealed that everything is always about Donald Trump.

Trump’s follow up tweet tried to exploit the attack for political gain by suggesting that the Orlando shootings that left 50 dead and 53 injured happened because America is not “tough enough.”

Donald Trump’s tweets were disgraceful, and not appropriate for a presidential nominee of one of the two major political parties. One look at Trump’s Twitter stream reveals a man who even in times of national mourning is only capable of thinking about himself.