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Donald Trump, Who Is Featured In Terrorist Recruitment Videos, Says Only He Can Keep America Safe

After congratulating himself following the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Trump was out in full force on Monday reading foreign policy remarks from a teleprompter.

In his speech, Trump attacked presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, doubled down on his religious immigration ban, and claimed that he will keep America safe.

“I will do the right thing – I want to straighten things out and to make America great again,” Trump said.

Trump’s tough talk may be applauded by his supporters, but it’s important to reevaluate – especially in the wake of the Orlando tragedy – just how much damage the alleged billionaire has already done as a candidate.

In today’s remarks, Trump bragged about being endorsed by the National Rifle Association earlier on in a presidential campaign than any candidate in history (hardly a badge of honor, if you ask me), but it’s worth remembering that a terrorist organization latched on to Trump and his inflammatory remarks even earlier.

See video below, from January of this year:

That’s right, a candidate for president is being used by terrorists to recruit members who hope to harm Americans.

This is worth remembering when Trump hits the campaign trail, pounding his chest and pretending to be the only guy who can keep America safe.

Without even occupying the White House, he has emboldened terrorists abroad and alienated peaceful Muslims at home. He picks fights with our closest allies and heaps praise on our toughest adversaries.

The actions Trump has taken so far make attacks like Orlando more likely, not less. And it’s all been done without the spray-tanned buffoon even stepping a single foot in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump is dangerous enough as a candidate; let’s not see how much worse he would be with access to the nuclear codes.

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