All Donald Trump Does is Whine About How He’s Treated After Nation’s Worst Mass Shooting

Day two of the never-ending childish Republican whine post mass shooting continues.

As Senate Democrats were holding a press conference to discuss their push to pass the no fly no gun law and President Obama was somberly addressing the need to stop suspected terrorists from legally buying guns, 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was whining like a teenager about fairness.

“I am watching @FoxNews and how fairly they are treating me and my words, and @CNN, and the total distortion of my words and what I am saying,” Donald Trump tweeted.

President Obama had just given a press conference in which he sadly informed the nation that the investigation is ongoing but yes the shooter got these weapons legally, “We see no clear evidence that he was directed externally. It does appear that at the last minute he announced allegiance to Isil… There is also no direct evidence that he was part of a larger plot. In that sense it appears to be similar to what we saw in San Bernardino. But we don’t really know.”

“As far as we can tell right now this is certainly an example of kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time. It also appears that he was able to obtain these weapons legally. He did not have a criminal record that in some ways would have prohibited him from purchasing these weapons.”

Senate Democrats were preparing legislation that they say would close this “terrorist gap”.

And Donald Trump was whining about fairness in regards to how cable TV was treating his words.

The whiner who promises that he alone can fix terrorism, by being “tough”. What’s he going to do, whine ISIL into compliance?

It is precisely this lack of dignity and seriousness coupled with peevishly thin skin that makes Donald Trump the Sarah Palin of 2016. He is so unfit for the office of president that the RNC and elected Republican leaders should have had the guts to distance themselves from him.

The longer Republicans try to justify this the worse their party looks, and coming off of the Sarah Palin and then Mitt Romney debacles, it might be time to find a principle they can stick by that is not superseded by their lust for power.