Trump Helps The Terrorists Win And Republicans Lose With Disastrous Anti-Terrorism Speech

Donald Trump tries to look presidential, but his anti-terrorism speech quickly morphed into a garbled and bigoted rant about how Muslims should be banned from the United States.

Trump said:

If we don’t get tough, and we don’t get smart – and fast – we’re not going to have a country anymore — there will be nothing left.

The killer, whose name I will not use, or ever say, was born to Afghan parents who immigrated to the United States. His father published support for the Afghan Taliban, a regime which murders those who don’t share its radical views. The father even said he was running for President of that country.

The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here.

That is a fact, and it’s a fact we need to talk about.

We have a dysfunctional immigration system which does not permit us to know who we let into our country, and it does not permit us to protect our citizens.

We have an incompetent administration, and if I am not elected President, that will not change over the next four years — but it must change, and it must change now.

With fifty people dead, and dozens more wounded, we cannot afford to talk around the issue anymore — we have to address it head on.

I called for a ban after San Bernardino, and was met with great scorn and anger but now, many are saying I was right to do so — and although the pause is temporary, we must find out what is going on. The ban will be lifted when we as a nation are in a position to properly and perfectly screen those people coming into our country.

The immigration laws of the United States give the President the power to suspend entry into the country of any class of persons that the President deems detrimental to the interests or security of the United States, as he deems appropriate.

I will use this power to protect the American people. When I am elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.

After a full, impartial and long overdue security assessment, we will develop a responsible immigration policy that serves the interests and values of America.

We cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer.

Donald Trump keeps playing the same note of fear over and over again. Trump is destroying the Republican Party with his bigoted plan to ban immigrants. Twenty-five percent of all US children have at least one parent who was not born in the US. By choosing to pander to a segment of the Republican Party, Donald Trump is alienating a giant swath of the US electorate.

Trump talk of a ban on Muslims is the best-recruiting tool that the terrorists could ever be given. There is no better way to create hatred of the US than banning an entire religion from entering the country.

Overall, Trump’s anti-terrorism speech was a complete disaster. It contained no actual policies but was loaded with bigoted appeals to fear and division. Donald Trump is just helping the terrorists win. He is also making sure that Republicans lose.