Trump Terrorism Speech Lasted 34 Minutes, Hillary Clinton Just Destroyed Him With 3 Words

Hillary Clinton’s campaign needed just three words to destroy Donald Trump’s thirty minute plus rambling rant that was thinly disguised as an anti-terrorism speech.

Clinton campaign chair John Podesta responded to Trump’s rambling wreck in a statement, “Donald Trump’s speech offered some disturbing insights into the dangers of a Trump White House. Nothing in his rambling remarks came close to resembling a real strategy for fighting terrorists and keeping our people safe. Indeed, nothing in his speech would have done anything to stop this killer. Prejudice, paranoia and partisanship are not a plan, and will not protect anyone.”

The Clinton campaign defined Donald Trump with the three Ps, prejudice, paranoia and partisanship. Donald Trump spent more than a half an hour reading his poorly written speech off of a teleprompter, and the Clinton campaign needed just three words to sum up why it was a total failure.

Trump’s campaign really is nothing more than creating paranoia, appealing to people’s prejudices, and partisan appeals that don’t make sense to anyone who isn’t a Republican. While the presumptive Republican nominee is banning The Washington Post, Hillary Clinton is campaigning in swing states.

It is the story of this campaign so far. Donald Trump spends minutes lost in factless rambles, while Hillary Clinton competently shuts him down in seconds.

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