Trump Threatens To Put Gary Busey On The Supreme Court Unless Republicans Give Him Money

Donald Trump’s broke presidential campaign is resorting to threatening Republican donors that either they give Trump cash, or he will put celebrities like Gary Busey on the Supreme Court.

Buzzfeed reported on Donald Trump’s top fundraiser, Anthony Scaramucci, shaking down Romney donors:

Let me ask you one other question,” he said. “What if he wins?”

“Do you want Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs to be the secretary of state and Gary Busey to be on the Supreme Court?”

This, Scaramucci suggested, is what Republicans can expect if they don’t get on the Trump Train now. (Combs and Busey — who Trump fired in 2013 on Celebrity Apprentice — support Trump. However, the candidate’s actual appeal to Republicans is how very very responsible he will be about Supreme Court appointments.)

“Everybody should oppose him, he wins anyway, and he should open the tent?” he asked, shaking his head.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is broke until after the convention, and his biggest problem is that many Republican donors don’t want to be associated with the party’s racist and bigoted nominee. The big donors that Republicans count on to fund their campaigns are refusing to open their checkbooks for Trump.

Instead of trying to assure the donors that he can be a nominate who won’t smear them with racism and hate, Trump has decided to shakedown the money men. Either they give Trump cash, or they are going to see how crazy he really can be.

Donald Trump has been threatening and blackmailing the Republican Party since the day he entered the presidential race, so it is par for the course that Trump would be trying to bully Republican donors.

If elected, Trump is going to run the most corrupt White House since Nixon. The presumptive Republican nominee is not being shy about letting the world know that his administration will be pay to play. What Trump doesn’t seem to understand is the Supreme Court confirmation process. Donald Trump won’t be able just to put people on the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump is clueless about how the government he wants to lead works, but he sure knows how to blackmail.