Bernie Sanders Makes His Demands Of Democrats, And They Are Not Unreasonable

At a press conference in Washington, DC, Sen. Bernie Sanders laid out what he wanted at the Democratic convention, and his demands were very reasonable, and could provide a great future benefit to the Democratic Party.


Sen. Sanders said, “We need at the Democratic National Convention to approve a progressive platform. The most progressive platform ever passed by the Democratic Party. A platform which makes it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is in fact on the side of working people, is on the side of low-income people, and is on the side of people who have no health insurance, and is prepared to stand up to the powerful corporate interests who greed is doing so much damage to this country.”

Sanders also called for real electoral reform within the Democratic Party. He called for open primaries, same day registration, adequate staffing, and training so that elections are run properly, and that to make sure that the votes are counted. Sanders called for major changes in the Democratic Party and an electoral process that is worthy of Democrats. Sanders also urged Democrats to get rid of superdelegates.

Sen. Sanders said that his fight is about standing up for working people, and repeated that he is going to do everything he can to defeat Trump. Sanders stated that he and his delegates are out to transform the Democratic Party at the convention.

It is very clear that Sen. Sanders is no longer fighting for the Democratic nomination. Sanders is fighting to change the Democratic Party for the future. The platform that Sen. Sanders laid out is in tone and style in line with the direction that the party is already moving in.

There is too much attention being paid to the timing of when Sanders drops out. It will make for a nice dramatic moment when he quits and endorses Hillary Clinton, but he is no longer criticizing or opposing the presumptive nominee. Bernie Sanders isn’t causing the party any harm, and many of the reforms that he is suggesting are long overdue.

Behind the rhetoric, there was nothing unreasonable about what Sen. Sanders asked for from Democrats. If Bernie Sanders drops out the convention and gives a speech endorsing Clinton, it will be a great dramatic moment at a convention that is going to already make history.

Sanders knows that he isn’t going to get all of the reforms that he wants, but getting some of them will provide his campaign with a lasting legacy and impact on the Democratic Party, and that is what this is all about.