Republicans Devastated As 61% Of Voters Disagree With Trump’s Criticism Of Obama

A new Bloomberg Politics national poll contained horrible news for Republicans as 61% of voters disagreed with Donald Trump’s criticism of President Obama on terrorism.

Bloomberg Politics reported:

A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows Clinton leading Trump 49 percent to 37 percent among likely voters in November’s election, with 55 percent of those polled saying they could never vote for the real-estate developer and TV personality.


Trump’s suggestions that Obama hasn’t taken forceful enough action to stop domestic terrorism because he sides with Muslims landed with a thud for the majority of Americans, with 61 percent disagreeing with the suggestion. A strong majority—69 percent—also disagree that law enforcement agencies should increase surveillance of all American Muslims, even if it conflicts with civil liberties.

Donald Trump’s main criticism of President Obama and by extension Hillary Clinton after the terrorist attacks in Orlando was that the President has not done enough to stop domestic terrorism. The problem for Republicans is that the American people aren’t buying what Trump is selling.

It makes sense that Trump and his record levels of unfavorability with voters would not be able to make a convincing argument to the American people against the anti-terrorism strategy of the popular president. The American people have seen the successes that President Obama has had on the terrorism issue, and with the failure of George W. Bush fresh in the minds of voters, the idea that Trump has any credibility with voters is a real stretch.

When criticizing President Obama no longer works for Republicans, the GOP is in big trouble. Criticizing this president has been the bread and butter of the Republican Party for seven and a half years. If Trump lacks the credibility to carry even the most basic of the Republican Party’s messages a.k.a. Obama is bad; then Republicans are toast.