Trump Says He Will Seek Anti-Terrorism Advice from the Domestic Terrorist-Loving NRA

We have seen, as Clinton campaign chair John Podesta said, that Donald Trump has nothing close “to resembling a real strategy for fighting terrorists and keeping our people safe.” In fact, the Republican response all around seems to be a recipe for more guns and less regulation.

In this environment there was nothing to stop Donald Trump from upping the ante of downright stupid, announcing yesterday that he would be seeking anti-terrorism advice from the NRA. After all, who knows more about using guns to kill innocent people than the NRA, unless it is the Republican Party itself, which insists on the God-given right of terrorists to buy guns?

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Speaking in New Hampshire Monday, Trump’s main goal seems to have been to see if he can work his record of lying up from 90 percent to 100, claiming of Hillary Clinton that her solution to terrorism is to “ban guns.” He said “her plan is to disarm law-abiding Americans” and “abolishing the Second Amendment.”


Which of course, it isn’t. She never said that, which renders Trump’s use of France’s example of strict gun-control laws nothing but base fear-mongering, and irrelevant.

“She wants to take away Americans’ guns and then admit the very people who want to slaughter us. Let them come into the country, we don’t have guns, let them come in, let them have all the fun they want.”

Trump claimed Clinton would leave “only the bad guys and terrorists with guns.” Except its the NRA and the GOP who want terrorists to have the right to buy guns. Hillary is actually opposed to putting weapons into the hands of people who want to kill us.

Now that he had established Clinton as the enemy of American values, he was ready to present himself as the gun-toting messiah all real Americans want:

“I will be meeting with the NRA, which has given me their earliest endorsement in a presidential race, to discuss how to ensure Americans have the means to protect themselves in this age of terror. I will be always defending the Second Amendment.”

So Hillary is threatening “our entire way of life,” he said. And only the NRA can save it. Well, the NRA and Donald Trump. You’re probably imagining the barrels of AR-15’s thrusting up from every passing baby stroller at this point, and your vision is probably not far off the mark.

The NRA, with its vast experience ensuring domestic terrorists are well-armed, isn’t about protecting America. Neither, for that matter, is Donald Trump. The NRA is like Donald Trump: it is about promoting itself and selling guns for the arms industry.


And let’s face it folks, orange hubris and small hands aren’t going to protect America from terrorists. Or you from your very well-armed neighbors. And strangers you run into on the highway. Let alone actual terrorists.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster. This is what in old times they called a “root, hog or die” situation. As Wikipedia reminds us, “Root, hog, or die” is a “common American catch-phrase dating from well before 1834. Coming from the early colonial practice of turning pigs loose in the woods to fend for themselves, the term is an idiomatic expression for self-reliance.”

This is all in keeping with the virulently anti-government views of both the NRA and the Republican Party, which both prefer a every man for himself existence for Americans, based on turning homes into fortresses of white power, bristling defiantly with weapons.

However, we don’t each need the firepower of a developing nation in our homes. The federal government – and the Obama administration in particular – has done an excellent job of protecting Americans, and would do an even better job if not hamstrung by the Republican Party and special interest groups like the NRA, which doesn’t even want to permit – and in fact, has not permitted – scientific study of gun violence.

Trump claims to be free of the taint of special interests, but like every Republican before him, he has just sold his ever-to-be-damned soul to the NRA. And he’s more than happy to sell yours – and your family’s lives – along with it.


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