Trump Targets The Only Group Of Supporters That He Has Left For Elimination

History warned he would come for them, too.

Here it is, only it’s something his base will probably not understand or care about, and will ultimately find a way to blame Obama for — since everything is and always will be Obama’s fault, even when he is out of office.

An Urban Institute study found that 24 million fewer people would have health insurance in 2021 if the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump repeals Obamacare. That’s an increase of 81%. But wait, it gets better.

Who would this impact the most? White people (49% whites, 14% blacks, 26% Hispanics). With a working person in the family (a whopping 66%). So dies the “lazy urban welfare queen” model, once again.

Oh, and it would hit those with a high school education or less at the rate of 66%. Donald Trump’s base, if you’re looking at Republican voters in that group.

From the study:

81 percent of those losing coverage would be in working families, around 66 percent would have a high school education or less, 40 percent would be young adults, and about 50 percent would be non-Hispanic whites.

Also, 700,000 fewer people would have insurance through their jobs. This is awkward since Republicans have been telling Americans that the super duper insurance they get through work would be destroyed by Obamacare.

Republicans have been saying they would offer a replacement for Obamacare, but they have never been able to come up with anything. This makes sense when you realize that the crucial marketplace aspect of Obamacare is based on a Republican idea. That they now hate, for reasons (derp, Obama!).

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the reason Republicans pretend to hate Obamacare is because “spending”. And sure thing, repealing Obamacare would reduce federal spending (though states and healthcare organizations would be stuck with the bill of the uninsured).

But it would increase the deficit. Yes, the Holy Deficit Republicans have been using as an excuse to cut off food from babies — that deficit. Apparently it’s all good to increase the deficit when acting out of pure spite. Not so good when it comes to helping human beings.

The Urban Institute study did not examine Donald Trump’s replacement plan for Obamacare. Peter Sullivan at The Hill pointed out that based on the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget study, “21 million people would still lose their insurance” under Donald Trump’s plan.

AKA, “Making America Great Again,” Trump style.

And Trump style is Republican style, even as they try to pretend it’s not. On the issue of Obamacare, Trump is actually a leg up on Republicans because House Republicans still don’t have anything but blank pages following an “Obama bad!” whinge as their alternative to Obamacare.

Donald Trump isn’t hate-mongering about poor and working class white Americans with little education, but they are the group he plans to rob blind if he gets near the White House. His own base. And they will probably love him for it.

This news comes in tandem with news that Hillary Clinton is gaining with white voters and men, the very people Trump is pandering to with his Archie monologues.