Trump Has Broken The GOP As Republicans Hit Record Low Approval

A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows that the Republican Party has hit the lowest low since the poll started in 2009.

A scant thirty-two percent of Americans view the Republican Party favorably. The pollster suggested that this dip is due to Donald Trump’s presumptive nomination as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate.

Pollster J. Ann Selzer explained, “This is obviously related to perceptions of Trump. This bleeds out into perceptions of the party and to other GOP politicians.”

However, the now Republican-led Congress is also at its lowest since 2010, with “near bipartisan agreement” that Congress sucks.

Forty-nine percent of Americans see the Democratic Party favorably.

The poll found that Trump attracts voters who are looking for a “strong leader,” which is pretty ironic given that Trump is the most thin-skinned politician to come along since Sarah Palin, and even more vindictive than she is. (Trump recently banned the Washington Post from covering his campaign after they accurately reported that he had not given any money to the veterans, even though he claimed to have raised millions for them.)

It is also ironic because Trump is a flip-flopper on issues. Today he is for the No Fly No Buy bill, which would stop known or suspected terrorists from buying a gun. Yesterday he was against it.

Is Donald Trump single-handedly sinking the GOP? No. He is just the cherry on top of a very long and dedicated path to destruction and irrelevance. In fact, it makes more sense to say that Donald Trump is the proof that the party is losing it. This is who their base picked. Decades of Southern Strategy will do that to a party.

As the nation becomes more diverse, the Republican Party has shriveled impotently into its misleading Archie (Bunker) comfort.

And so Republicans find themselves at the bottom of the heap, led by a buffoon of a dictator who doesn’t even believe in basic American freedoms like the free press and constantly refers to members of minority groups as though they are objects; e.g., “Our African Americans”, “the gays” and of course, “dogs” and “pigs” for women who don’t please him.

The S.S. Trump is sinking the Republican Party, but they were barely above water in national elections as it was. They simply couldn’t afford the disaster that is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump tells the nation that it wasn’t a one-off when Mitt Romney announced his contempt for half of the country, and it wasn’t a one-off when they picked Sarah Palin as their next in line Vice Presidential candidate. It wasn’t a one-off when they tried to push through a pro-violence against women act. The past 6 years of efforts to strip rights from women and gay people and people of color were not an accident.

Donald Trump is the face of the Republican Party.