Republican Senators Are Running Away From Reporters To Avoid Talking About Trump

Republican Senators are hiding and in some cases running away from reporters because they are afraid to answer questions about Donald Trump.

CNN reported on the tricks Republicans are using to dodge reporters:

Just because you have to walk past reporters to get places in the Capitol doesn’t mean you have to answer their questions.
There’s always the “I’m on the phone” method — whether or not there’s someone on the other line is irrelevant.

Senators-only elevators are good hideouts — until the doors open again.

But the best way is simply to move quickly.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a vulnerable Republican facing a tough re-election battle in New Hampshire, has gotten pretty good at one important part — walking briskly past reporters and pretending not to hear anything. She added to that Tuesday, when her staff stepped between her and a reporter to say she would not be commenting on Trump.

Trump is so toxic that Republican Senators are going into hiding to avoid answering questions about the GOP nominee. Republicans think that they will be able to separate themselves from their party’s nominee if they refuse to talk about him, or even better just don’t ever take questions. But there is nowhere to run. Republicans have nowhere to hide. Donald Trump is their nominee, and there is no escape.

There is no way that a political party can win a presidential election when half to two-thirds of the party spend their time distancing themselves from their presidential nominee.

It has gotten so bad that some Republicans like Sen. Kelly Ayotte are using staff as human shields to keep the media away from them. Republicans created and exploited the political culture that enabled Trump, and now they are going to pay for their years of obstruction, racism, and bigotry by losing their jobs in November.