Trump Nears A Nervous Breakdown As He Just Called All Polls With Clinton Ahead Phony

Donald Trump showed that he is a candidate on the verge of a nervous breakdown by claiming during his rally in Atlanta, GA that all polls showing Hillary Clinton winning are phony.


During a rally in Atlanta, GA, Trump claimed that all of the polls that show Hillary Clinton winning were phony, “So now, they’re saying she has built a massive team. She’s got almost nine hundred people, and she’s spending money, and Trump has seventy-three people, but you know we’re doing very well. Watch what the end result is. Watch what the end result is. And when you look at the phony poll numbers that I’m seeing. Take a look at the poll numbers from right after this horrendous, and horrible, and something that we have to stop attack.”

Let’s take a look at the most recent polls. Hillary Clinton led Trump in the Bloomberg Politics poll by 12 points, and Clinton leads Trump by seven points in the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey tracking poll. Hillary Clinton has led Donald Trump in every national poll over the past three weeks, and her margin continues to grow.

As Joe Scarborough said, Trump is crazy and obsessed with his image. By calling the polls showing Hillary Clinton ahead, which are all of the polls, fake, Trump is leaving what little grasp that he once had on reality behind. It is clear that Donald Trump can’t mentally handle the fact that he is doing poorly in the presidential election.

Trump is losing it, and his comment about the fake polls were the first sign that the Republican Party is on the verge of being taken on a descent into madness.