Hillary Clinton Is Outspending Trump’s Broke Ass Campaign $17 Million To $0 On TV Ads


While Donald Trump is begging Republican donors for cash because his campaign is broke, Hillary Clinton will be spending $17 million on television campaign ads in swing states.

The Washington Post initially reported on the Clinton ad buy:

Hillary Clinton is launching a large television advertising buy in eight swing states, her first in the general election, as she presses her central argument that Republican Donald Trump is unfit for the White House.

Clinton has purchased advertising time on television stations in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Colorado and Nevada, according to a Democrat tracking ad buys and public records in several of those states.


It was soon revealed that the ad campaign is much bigger than first reported:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is spending nothing on ads in swing states. Instead, Trump is desperately chasing donations, because his presidential campaign is broke. The presumptive Republican nominee is counting on the RNC to pay for all of his television ads, as has decided to campaign based on free media and tweets.

The Trump campaign is so cash-strapped that it will not be able to run ads until the RNC can pick up the tab after the Republican convention. The Republican Party thought that they were getting a billionaire who could self-finance. What they really have is a broke mooch who is sleeping on their couch and eating all of their food.

Hillary Clinton isn’t just beating Trump in the polls. She is also beating him $17 million to nothing in swing state ad spending. If Republicans get crushed in November, they will be able to look back at Deadbeat Donald’s lost summer as one of the main reasons for their defeat.