Thank Our Senate Democratic Heroes For Standing Up For Gun Control

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) ended his fourteen hour filibuster with a deeply emotional tribute to two Sandy Hook victims, six-year old Dylan Hockey and his teacher’s aide, Anne Marie Murphy, “It doesn’t take courage to stand here on the floor of the United States Senate for two hours or six hours or fourteen hours.¬†It takes courage to look into the eye of a shooter and instead of running, wrapping your arms around a 6-year-old boy and accepting death. If Anne Marie Murphy could do that, then ask yourself: What can you do to make sure that Orlando or Sandy Hook never, ever happens again?”

We have had too many Sandy Hooks in our schools, too many gun shootings at neighborhood grocery stores, playgrounds, street corners, and in homes across our nation. Enough is enough with the gun violence. We need to establish a sane and a rational gun control policy that bars those at great risk from having access to weapons of mass death, and for Americans to be able to keep themselves safe in accordance with the Second Amendment. We thank our Senators for standing up for what is right, and endeavoring to make sure¬†another Sandy Hook or a calamitous event doesn’t happen again to our children, friends, neighbors, and those we love.