Loretta Lynch Storms Fox News And Destroys The GOP Clinton Email Conspiracy

Attorney General Loretta Lynch took apart Fox News and their baseless conspiracy that President Obama will protect Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:
WALLACE: Now, you’re a political appointee of the president. Does that create a conflict of interest for you? Does that make it harder for you to handle the criminal investigation into Clinton when your boss is saying he thinks she should be president?

LYNCH: Well, you know, I don’t get involved on whom the president endorses and I don’t have comments, as I said before, on any of the candidates. The investigation into the State Department e-mail matter is going to be handled like any other matter. We’ve got career agents and lawyers looking at that. They will follow the facts and follow the evidence wherever it leads and come to a conclusion.

WALLACE: So, does this create a conflict of interest for you?

LYNCH: No, this is not a conflict for me and for the department or for anyone. We will continue to do all of our work in the same language we always have, with the interest of the American people first and foremost.

WALLACE: Now, the same day that Clinton was endorsed by the president, you met with the president at the White House. Did you in any way, shape or form discuss the Clinton case with the president?

LYNCH: We’ve never discussed the Clinton case. I have never spoken about it with the president or really with anyone at the White House. That’s not the kind of relationship that I have with people there and it would be inappropriate to do so.

The conspiracy that is being pushed by Republicans, including the presumptive presidential nominee, is that President Obama is covering up Hillary Clinton’s email crimes, but there has never been any evidence of Obama interfering in any investigation. Chris Wallace’s questions carried with them the implication that President Obama was influencing or complicating the email investigation by endorsing former Sec. of State Clinton.

With her answers, Attorney General Lynch blew up the Republican email conspiracy theory, and in the process wrecked the one story that Republicans were pinning their hopes of defeating Hillary Clinton on.

As the Democratic Party continues to gain steam, the baseless Republican conspiracy theories are being crushed into dust.