Trump Disaster Worsens For GOP As Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Winning With All Key Voters


The news keeps getting worse for Republicans as a new Monmouth University poll showed Hillary Clinton cutting into Trump’s lead with white voters and holding commanding leads with swing state voters, women, and African-Americans/Latinos/Asians.
The Monmouth University poll showed Clinton leading Trump 47%-40% with registered voters, and 49%-41% with likely voters, “Clinton has the support of 87% of Democrats and Trump has the support of 84% of Republicans, while independents split 42% for Clinton and 37% for Trump. The gender gap is particularly large, Clinton leads among women by 27 points (57%–30%) while Trump leads among men by 13 points (50%–37%). Clinton also holds a commanding advantage among black, Hispanic and Asian voters (72%–17%), while Trump leads among white voters (49%–38%).”

The poll revealed that Trump isn’t making up any ground with registered voters, and he might be losing ground with likely voters. Trump’s lead with white voters is 12 points lower than the margin that Romney beat Obama by in 2012. Turnout calculations have shown that the 2016 Republican nominee will need 64% of the white vote and 30% of the non-white to win the White House. Donald Trump is 16% off the pace needed on the white vote and 13% behind on the non-white vote.

There is nothing in the Monmouth Poll to suggest that Trump is performing well enough to win the White House. On a day when Trump fired his campaign manager, and independent economic analysis suggested that a Trump win would push the country into a big recession, the last thing Republicans needed was a poll showing them that Donald Trump is failing or underperforming with all areas of the electorate as a presidential candidate.


Trump is a total failure, and what should concern Democrats the most is the possibility that Republicans figure out a way to dump Trump at their convention in Cleveland.