Donald Trump Thinks This One Crackpot Stunt Is Going To Get Him Elected President

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:06 pm

Donald Trump thinks that he has a game changing idea for his campaign, but his big idea is crackpot stunt won’t fool the voters into supporting him.

A New York Magazine story about the firing of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski contained this little jaw dropper:

According to two sources briefed on the events, the meeting was a setup. Shortly after it began, the children peppered Lewandowski with questions, asking him to explain the campaign’s lack of infrastructure. “They went through the punch list. ‘Where are we with staffing? Where are we with getting the infrastructure built?'” one source explained. Their father grew visibly upset as he heard the list of failures. Finally, he turned to Lewandowski and said, “What’s your plan here?”

Lewandowski responded that he wanted to leak Trump’s vice-president pick.

And with that, Lewandowski was out. Trump has long viewed announcing his running mate at the GOP convention next month as a valuable card to play. He was shocked that Lewandowski didn’t have any other ideas. Shortly after the meeting, Lewandowski was escorted out of the building by Trump security.

Trump didn’t fire his campaign manager after he battered a female reporter, but leaking his running mate to the press was an immediately fireable offense. The mind blower is that Trump thinks that naming his running mate at the convention is going to be a game changer. It is like Trump doesn’t understand that the election is happening right now.

There is no convention gimmick that is suddenly going to flip the switch and make voters like Trump. It isn’t going to happen. Donald Trump can’t see that using cheap tricks to generate publicity isn’t the same thing as winning votes. TV ratings don’t equal votes. The amount of publicity a candidate gets is not necessarily a positive correlation to the results on Election Day.

Trump could have reversed some of the bad coverage he is generating by announcing or leaking his VP pick early. By announcing his running mate choice at the convention, Trump denies himself any polling bounce that he could have gotten in exchange for a TV ratings bump.

It’s a crackpot idea that will not work, but Donald Trump thinks that running his campaign like The Apprentice will get him elected president.

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