Desperate Trump Is Begging MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News For Free Coverage

Donald Trump has no staff, no money, and no presidential campaign, so he responded to a terrible fundraising report by sending out a tweet that was a thinly veiled plea for free media coverage from MSNBC, CNN, Fox News.

Trump tweeted about a “major speech” that he will give tomorrow:

The problem is that Trump promised this same major speech two weeks ago, and delivered most of it as a thinly disguised speech on terrorism after the Orlando massacre.

Trump’s major speech is going to be nothing more than a repetition of his attacks and conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Trump has nothing to new to say that he hasn’t said before, but since he can’t afford television ads, the Republican nominee is going to try to keep conning the media with promises of major speeches to get free attention.

The press shouldn’t fall for it.

Here is how Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN should treat Trump’s speeches. They should cover Trump. Because as the Republican nominee, he is newsworthy, but every time he repeats himself or lapses into his usual incoherent rambling, they should cut away. Donald Trump should not be getting beginning to end coverage of his speeches if they are going to be nothing more than the same gibberish that he has been throwing up into a microphone for months.

It is time for cable news to stop propping up Trump. His announcement of a major speech was nothing more than a desperate plea for free coverage for his stumbling campaign.

Trump is pulling a con, which is why the press should not continue to fall for his promises of major speeches that will likely deliver nothing.