GOP In Chaos As Nearly Half Of Republicans Want To Dump Trump

A new poll shows that 48% of Republicans want someone else to be their presidential nominee besides Donald Trump.

The latest CNN poll contained this little nugget of doom for the GOP:

It turns out that nearly half of REPUBLICANS would rather have someone else not named Donald Trump as their nominee. There has been a great deal of scoffing at the idea that the Republican Party might replace Trump at the convention with a different nominee, but there is a definite segment of the party that would support dumping Trump.

When half of a political party would rather have someone else, that is an omen that the party is in complete chaos. Trump has done nothing to reassure Republicans that he can lead their party. In fact, he continues to provide proof on a nearly hourly basis that he is not capable of effective leadership.

Trump is getting crushed in the money race. He is getting out organized on the ground. Republicans have managed to hand their presidential nomination to a man who doesn’t have a real presidential campaign.

Nearly half of the Republican Party wants Trump gone, and Republicans stay with Trump, they will go into November as a hopelessly divided party that will ripe for the Democratic picking.