Republicans Gutted After ABA Calls Obama SCOTUS Nominee A Possible Perfect Human Being

Justice Merrick Garland was nominated by President Barack Obama in March of 2016 to replace Justice Scalia . Republicans have blocked Garland’s nomination refusing to even vote on it.

The man they are keeping off of the highest court in the land was described in a report published Monday by the American Bar Association thusly, “Garland has no weaknesses.“ Indeed, “He may be the perfect human being.”

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee (where Obama nominations go to wither away and die from Republican obstruction), Karol Corbin Walker, chair of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, wrote that in their opinion, Garland has no weaknesses.

He may be the “perfect human being.”

“The Standing Committee unanimously concluded that Judge Garland merits our highest rating and is ‘Well Qualified’ for appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States.”

A “well-qualified” rating is the highest score the ABA Committee gives. Along with this highest rating, the report cited praise upon praise from various sources for Garland. “Judge Garland is considered a model lawyer, judge and person, who should be emulated.” “Judge Garland is a man of the highest competence and the highest integrity, and his temperament is an admirable one for any judge.” Garland is also known for his hard work and ethical conduct. He is beloved by both sides of the aisle.

A smattering of feedback on Judge Garland from the bar report:

Many describe Judge Garland’s professional competence as “brilliant,” “exceptional,” and “phenomenal.” Some of the specific comments include:
“His analysis is always very thorough and he is known as someone who puts in long hours, typically about 10 hours a day. He is a perfectionist in his written work.”
“Judge Garland is obviously brilliant but lacks arrogance and that is refreshing. He deserves a well-qualified rating. What makes him ‘uniquely well qualified’ is that he has tried cases as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. It is an important qualification for service on the Supreme Court for an individual to have tried cases on both sides and to be comfortable dealing with the facts and the law from both perspectives. The fact that Judge Garland has tried real cases makes him unique. He writes thoroughly reasoned opinions whether you agree with them or not.”
“Judge Garland is extremely well qualified. He will be a terrific justice, absolutely phenomenal.”
“He is intelligent, thoughtful, open minded and cares passionately about the law.”
“He always is the best prepared because he wants to get it right.”
“He is unnaturally blessed with brilliance, things come to him quickly.”
“He is an incredibly competent lawyer and is very professional and principled.”
“He was trusted by everyone with whom he worked at Justice, for the quality of his intellect, for his ability to listen, for his collegial approach to decision-making, ultimately, for his superb judgment.”
“He is always extremely well prepared. When he hears cases, he carefully goes through the briefs and the record and prints out portions of the law on which he must focus. You can tell he has gone through materials very carefully. He is very sharp and works hard to find consensus among the panel. He decides the case but does not decide more than is necessary to resolve the case. He is a very smart, talented and careful writer.”
“He is an exceptional lawyer, outstanding jurist, and person whom I recommend highly that the ABA rank him as well qualified for a position on the US Supreme Court.”
“I consider him to be an outstanding candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court.”
“He also is a scholar who managed to have published in the Harvard Law Journal two articles in two years while he was working full-time. He is a good listener and is very measured in how he processes and reacts to information. I would rate him 5 Stars in each of the categories the ABA takes into account.”

That’s just a bit of the praise. It’s really incredible to read the seemingly relentless positive remarks about Garland.

Makes a person think, “Whoa, definitely sounds like someone we should pay Republicans to keep off the bench!” A non-partisan hack, a Jimmy Stewart/Mr. Rogers of the bench? No, no, we’d rather wait for Donald Trump to nominate someone.

This great man is being kept off of our highest court for no reason other than Republican Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Republicans have no objection to Garland. They are simply destroying the balance of power by denying the executive office the power bestowed upon it — for purely political reasons. But they made a bad gamble. This is now a political issue in the upcoming elections.

Republicans hoped to use the empty seat as a get out the vote tactic. They made this decision as epic disaster Donald Trump was leading their party presidential nomination. This brilliant political strategy belongs to Senator Mitch McConnell (r-KY), who has been diligently working to shrink the GOP tent since President Obama got elected the first time.

A brilliant, ethical, fair man is being kept off of the Supreme Court to serve the Republican political agenda. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The ABA has been conducting independent evaluations of the qualifications of nominees to the federal bench since 1953.