Paul Ryan Is Mobilizing Police To Forcibly Remove Democratic Protesters From The House

Reports are circulating that the Senate police have been moved to the House to potentially forcibly remove the Democratic protesters who are occupying the House of Representatives.

Matt Laslo tweeted an eyewitness view of Capitol Police gathering:

Would Paul Ryan really send the police on to the House floor to forcibly remove civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis in handcuffs? Surely, Ryan can’t be that arrogant and stupid.

Then again, Speaker Ryan is the same man who lectured Rep. Lewis on “publicity stunts:”

Hopefully, Republicans aren’t that dumb, but these are the same House Republicans who have been losing to President Obama for years because they keep fooling themselves into thinking that he will cave. House Republican leadership told the press that they hoped to take back the House floor and vote between 9-9:30 PM ET. It is now after 9:30 and the Democratic protest is still going strong.

Before they resort to calling in the cops, Republicans may turn the lights and air conditioning off on the protesters:

Republicans now say that they will try to take back the House floor at 10 PM ET. If they fail, things could be messy in a hurry.