President Obama And Hillary Clinton Endorse Democratic Gun Protest House Shutdown

Both Hillary Clinton and the White House have endorsed have endorsed the Democratic protest that has vowed to shut down the House of Representatives until Speaker Paul Ryan allows a vote on gun control legislation.

Hillary Clinton tweeted:

During his daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest have the Obama White House seal of approval to the protest. Earnest said, “They’re showing the kind of frustration and, even anger, that people around the country have about the inability of the Republican-led Congress to take common-sense steps that would protect the American people.”

House Democrats are becoming heroes by standing up for what is right, and shutting down the House. Speaker Paul Ryan has turned off the C-SPAN cameras so that the country can’t watch what is happening live, but every time the Republicans try to gavel the House back into session, they are being halted by Democrats who are refusing to follow the rules.
When Senate Republicans sided with ISIS by blocking amendments that would have banned anyone on the no-fly list from buying a gun, it was last straw for Democrats. The protest is not about winning an election. The goal is to pass legislation that will end the American culture of enablement for mass shooters.

The Democratic Party is taking a stand to take action against a gun violence epidemic that is only growing more deadly with each incident.