Trump Bombs With An Unintentionally Hilarious Attack Speech On Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump tried to attack Hillary Clinton with “major speech,” but his speech was a bungled unintentionally hilarious attempt at running for the White House that was based on right wing conspiracy theories and lies. On top of it all, Trump sounded sedated and completely clueless in what played like a bad SNL sketch that ran too long.

Trump said that only he could fix America’s problems. He blamed Clinton for creating the nation’s problems and rigging the political system. Trump then asked Bernie Sanders voters to join “his movement” so that the system can be fixed. Trump said that Clinton is a world class liar. He pointed to her email server, and her claim that she was under attack in Bosnia.

Trump repeated his lies that he started off with a “small loan” and built a business that is worth $10 billion. The “loan” was a $200 million inheritance, and Trump has greatly overinflated his net worth.

Donald Trump vowed to end the special interest monopoly in DC. He repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton ran the State Department like her pwn personal hedge fund. Trump said that Clinton made $21 million giving speeches to Wall Street, and said that Wall Street totally owns Clinton and that will never ever change.

The Republican nominee painted himself as the candidate who is against the special interests and claimed that Clinton lacks the temperament to be president.

The most laugh out loud moment of the speech was when Trump claimed that Clinton thinks the campaign is all about her when he knows that it is all about you. Trump railed about globalism and went on to compare himself to George Washington. He claimed that Hillary Clinton was to blame for all trade policies.

Trump went on to quote from the conspiracy book “Clinton Cash,” which the author even admitted contains no evidence of Clinton crimes. Trump went full blown conspiracy theorist by claiming that there was a conspiracy behind Clinton’s emails.

Donald Trump blamed Clinton for Benghazi and then floated the widely debunked Benghazi conspiracy theory. Trump blamed Clinton, not Bush’s Iraq war, for destabilizing the Middle East.

The Trump campaign seems to believe that by placing Trump behind a teleprompter and having him speak more softly equals presidential. The speech itself was a total bomb. Trump rehashed the same conspiracy theories that the Republican Party has been tossing around for decades. Donald Trump’s speech was like watching your parent who gets all their information from Fox News giving a speech about the presidential campaign.

At various points, Trump claimed that Clinton is unqualified, a criminal, corrupt, and belongs in prison.

The negative attacks that many Democrats were worried Trump would unleash on Clinton have not materialized because Donald Trump is totally incompetent as a presidential candidate. His speech revealed everything that is wrong with the Trump campaign. Trump took every character flaw that has been mentioned about him and applied to Hillary Clinton. Trump’s speech was a childish attempt at retaliation.

Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, but he called Hillary Clinton the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States. The “facts” for Trump’s speech came from right-wing Clinton conspiracy books.

The premise behind the speech that Trump is a change agent who is fighting for the American people was laughable, because of the existence of four decades of evidence that Donald Trump is only interested in himself.

The speech was pathetic, and if this is the best that Donald Trump can do, Republicans have no chance of winning the White House in November.