The Media Humiliates Paul Ryan With the Truth By Calling Him “NRA’s Li’l Lapdog”

The Daily News mocked Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his cowardice in response to the Democratic sit-in over terror gun bill, calling him the NRA’s “li’l lapdog”.

See a gallery of their covers here.

Last night, Ryan tried desperately to shut down the sit in with any means possible, well, any means except offering a real vote on measures that would keep terrorists or suspected terrorists from buying a gun legally.

Ryan threatened to turn off the AC and the lights on Democrats last night.

Anything for the NRA.

Thursday morning, Ryan adjourned the House without a vote but Democrats are still at it.

Ryan tried to belittle the sit in as a “publicity stunt”, but of course the Democrats are only doing what a large majority of the public has been begging this Do-Nothing Congress to do for years.

Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) tweeted, “Speaker Ryan, we will not leave without acting for the victims & families of reckless gun violence.”

Democrats have been going strong since they took over the House floor at 11:25 a.m. Wednesday. A despairing nation watches, hoping against hope.

Former Speaker John Boehner is somewhere laughing. This is why he ran. This is exactly why he ran.

There is no way to defend pure cowardice and catering to the gun manufacturing industry to such an extent that one will be PRO terrorists getting guns legally.

Democrats have successfully made the gun issue an election issue, and that is something Republicans needed to avoid since they are on the opposite side from the people.

Image: The NY Daily News