President Obama Hits Trump Square In The Ego With The Perfect Put Down

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:06 pm

President Obama delivered a put down to Donald Trump that is certain to bruise his ego and send the presumptive GOP nominee up the wall.


Transcript of Obama putting Trump in his place during a Bloomberg Businessweek interview:

Q: Does it annoy you, then, that the guy who wants to go back and is America’s most successful businessman, at least by his own reckoning, is Donald Trump?

President Obama: Well, I—there’s no successful businessman in America who actually thinks the most successful businessman in the country is Donald Trump. I know those guys, and so do you, and I guarantee you, that’s not their view.

In other words, Trump’s own business colleagues know that he is not the most successful business person in the world. It is obvious that Trump’s success is based on inheritance and a debt shell game that creates wealth on paper that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Donald Trump’s outsized ego and his thin skin towards all criticisms are two of his biggest weaknesses. Every single day there has been a prominent member of the Democratic Party popping the fragile balloon that is Trump’s ego.

Democrats are firmly under Trump’s skin, and nothing will drive him crazier that President Obama saying that Trump is not the most successful businessperson in the world. These statements are not accidents. Democrats have a plan to trigger Trump rants and tangents on a daily basis.

The man who won the Republican nomination with tabloid insults and mind games is being broken down and exposed as the unfit amateur that his is. The reality television star is no match for the commander-in-chief on the nation’s biggest political stage.

Jason Easley
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