Trump Accepts Endorsement of Man Who Advocates Killing Abortion Providers

Adolf Hitler wrote, and Donald Trump seems to have taken to heart, that, “The psyche of the great masses is not receptive to anything that is half-hearted and weak…The masses love a commander more than a petitioner.” That is Donald Trump to a tee. Clearly, he has imbibed more than Hitler’s speeches.

If the masses are receptive, those who ought to condemn Trump’s message of hate all too often remain silent instead, or even offer tacit support. Religious leaders remain silent or cheer lead Trump on, and the mainstream media asks him softball questions and fails to challenge his obvious lies. And his associations with hate group leaders who advocate violence against gays, Muslims, and others.

The other day, Trump met with Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman. Newman previously supported Cruz as a co-chair of “Pro-Lifers for Cruz,” and now he has thrown his support behind Trump. Newman says the federal government has a responsibility to execute abortion providers.

You will look in vain for mainstream media coverage of this meeting, let alone its denunciation, though Dana Milbank did pen an op-ed for The Washington Post last year and detailed “the often-violent imagery used by conservative leaders on abortion is unwittingly giving the unhinged some perverse sense of justification to contemplate the unspeakable,” and named Newman among the unhinged.

We need more of this. Not less.

Back when Newman was with Cruz, NARAL, PFAW and Planned Parenthood sent an open letter to the Cruz campaign, demanding Cruz fire Newman:

Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, has written that the U.S. government has a responsibility to execute abortion providers. He has said that a woman who has sought an abortion should be considered a “murderer” and a “contract killer.” Newman has claimed that a man who killed an abortion provider should have been allowed to argue that the killing was “justifiable defensive action.” Newman and his staff have harassed individual women’s clinic workers at their homes, at restaurants and coffee shops, and throughout their communities in an attempt to make them quit their jobs. Newman’s closest associate at Operation Rescue, Cheryl Sullenger, has spent time in federal prison for conspiracy to bomb an abortion clinic.

Newman’s harassment of abortion providers got him deported from Australia. Here in the U.S., as MMFA pointed out, in May of this year, “PBS invited Newman to appear in a post-screening discussion” of an anti-gun-violence documentary, all without revealing “his long history of harassment.”

This is all the more shocking when you consider Newman’s complete unreliability as a source of information. MMFA reminds us:

Newman previously served as a board member for the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the organization responsible for propagating a smear campaign against Planned Parenthood so fraudulent that CMP earned the title of Media Matters’ 2015 Misinformer of the Year. CMP’s deceptively edited videos purporting to show the illegal sale of fetal tissue have been repeatedly discredited, while numerous state investigations have cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing.

A violent liar. Like Michele Bachmann, Newman is almost tailor made to fit Trump’s campaign.

As PFAW Executive Vice President Marge Baker said in a statement:

Even for someone as extreme and dangerous as Donald Trump, meeting with someone with Troy Newman’s record is shocking. Just as Donald Trump has called for women to face punishment if they have an abortion, Newman has called women who have an abortion ‘contract killers’ and ‘murderers.’ And his record doesn’t stop there: Newman has actively called for government to execute abortion providers. That kind of rhetoric, even in this heated political environment, should be completely unacceptable.
No one who aspires to the White House should go anywhere near someone like Troy Newman. Trump’s utter disrespect for women and disregard for their rights should deeply concern us all.

As Faithful America’s Executive Director, Michael Sherrard, said yesterday in a statement, “hundreds of right-wing evangelical leaders took part in a Donald Trump campaign rally organized by Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson. Church leaders should be taking on Trump – not cheering him on.”

Nor, as he pointed out, were they alone:

Just last week, both the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Southern Baptist Convention gathered for their annual meetings. Both groups continued their bogus campaigns against the Obama administration, but neither took any action to condemn Trump’s racist rhetoric and proposals.

This silence is particularly disgusting when it comes to Trump’s embrace of Troy Newman, who says the government has a duty to execute abortion providers. A presumptive nominee for president should not be meeting with proponents who advocate what is nothing more than judicial murder. That is another area in which Donald Trump stands all too close to Adolf Hitler.

Photo: Operation Rescue

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