Impotent Trump Blows Brexit While Lobbing Sexist Attack at Hillary Clinton

We’ve been focused on the fact that Donald Trump gave a press conference congratulating Scotland for voting to leave when in fact they voted to stay by a wide margin. Donald Trump topped that off by focusing on how his golf course would benefit as the pound plunged. So it’s been a busy wth Trump day.

Thus it is only now as I read over the entire transcript that I noticed Trump’s suggestion that Hillary Clinton does whatever Barack Obama tells her to do. Oh, yes. Being a dumb lady and all, what can she do but follow a man. She has no mind of her own, clearly.

Trump left off his explanation for her alleged, fictional behavior, leaving the implied insult dangling there as if we all understood why a woman would do whatever a man told her to do.

Trump said, “You know, if Obama wanted it the other way, if he said leave, she would have said leave. She does whatever he wants her to. Now, you know why, but that’s okay, we don’t have to get into that.”

Here’s the transcript from the Washington Post:

QUESTION: Back to — back to the Brexit thing. You said that David Cameron maybe misread the mood of his country. Given that President Obama came over here and tried to encourage people to vote remain, and Hillary Clinton has made it clear she preferred they vote remain, what do you think this says about how Hillary Clinton maybe has misread the world, and since she’s a former secretary of state, what does that say about her campaign?

TRUMP: Well, she has always misread everything.
I mean — no, if you think. She has misread this. And I was surprised that she was so bold and to say — well, the only reason she did it is because Obama wanted it. You know, if Obama wanted it the other way, if he said leave, she would have said leave.
She does whatever he wants her to. Now, you know why, but that’s okay, we don’t have to get into that.

We all know why Hillary Clinton does whatever President Obama tells her to. I mean it’s not as if Hillary Clinton is more experienced than Donald Trump and has a lifetime of knowledge upon which to base political opinions.

Er, wait. Hillary Clinton has been a lawyer, international fighter for women and children’s rights, Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State… Which is kind of like ripping students off, going bankrupt as a course of business and spending millions of daddy’s money… only not.

Clinton is also educated on global issues and has the grace to grasp that today was not about her, but about the people. Unlike Donald Trump.

Men like Donald Trump can’t fathom that a woman actually has her own thoughts and opinions. in fact, he harassed a woman he couldn’t manipulate and only left her alone finally because the journalist threatened legal action.

But Donald Trump’s limited view of women and their potential to be political players in their own right is not our problem. It is not Hillary Clinton’s problem. His insults say nothing about her and everything about him.

Hillary Clinton is not known as a woman who does as she’s ordered. During debates, Clinton has wiped the floor with her opponents on foreign policy and her nuanced, easy discussion of complex issues served to highlight the dim circus of the Republican debates.

You don’t have to support Hillary Clinton to realize that Hillary Clinton is so smart that Donald Trump literally can’t even imagine her intelligence. He can’t see it, because he doesn’t understand it and thus can’t identify it.

Buffoon Donald Trump desperately tried to diminish Hillary Clinton by turning her into a cheerleader, on the sidelines of the Obama administration. She was actually the Secretary of State. Maybe Trump doesn’t know what the SOS does.

Trump is probably also trying to force Clinton to renounce Obama, in an effort to weaken her with the Democratic base. But this isn’t Hillary Clinton’s first rodeo. She isn’t likely to fall for something so crass and obvious.

Because Trump displays clear issues with female power, he assumes Clinton couldn’t possibly be a player in her own right. But she must be, because today she hit one out of the park again while Donald Trump made an international fool of himself.

Maybe Donald Trump should try taking orders from Hillary Clinton. That might be best. I’m sure Secretary Clinton would be willing to help Donald stop making a fool of himself for the greater good.