Republicans Throw A Tantrum And Demand Ethics Charges For House Democrats Over Protest

Former Speaker of the House Tom DeLay is urging House Republicans to file ethics charges against the Democrats who participated in the sit-in protest.
The Texas Tribune reported:

“I’m heartbroken. The destruction of dignity, decorum of the people’s House,” he said. “That House doesn’t belong to those members. It belongs to the people of the United States, and for them to desecrate it like they just did is beyond me.”

Though it’s been more than a decade since his fearsome reign at the Capitol, DeLay says he knows exactly what he’d do:

“You cannot allow things like this to happen without some consequences,” he said. “I think what I’d do is file ethics charges against every member that did this.”

Republicans were made to look like terrorist-enabling NRA puppets, so their response is to demand that Democrats face ethics charges. House Democrats were speaking out for the 90% of Americans who support expanding background checks, but in the Republican mind, advocating for what the American people support is a crime.

After years of Republicans making it clear that the House belongs to millionaires, billionaires, special interests, for 26 hours Democrats took back the House in the name of the people. Republicans were exposed by the Democratic protest, which is why there are calls for ethics charges.

In typical criminal fashion, Tom DeLay is seeking to blame the victims for his party’s crimes. Democrats took a brave stand, and ethics charges can’t diminish the message that the American people want common sense gun reform.