Brexit Revealed the Always on the Make, Money-Grubbing Grifter That is Donald Trump

GOP Mouthpiece Nicolle Wallace has said some pretty dumb things in the past. Friday on Morning Joe she actually got something right, saying of Trump’s response to Brexit, “I’m Gobsmacked.”

She wasn’t gobsmacked because Trump demonstrated that he was a moron by saying Scotland was celebrating Brexit when in fact it voted to remain, but for another very valid concern: he talked about everything but the very negative consequences to the world of the Brexit vote.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

Mike Barnicle: We would be remiss if we didn’t point out right up top, right here, right now, this man is a candidate for president of the United States on the Republican ticket and he’s speaking in a moment of historical significance, the vote, and he’s talking about the zoning regulations, about his hotel.

Gilliant Tett: And can I point out something else, which all the viewers should note right now? Yesterday evening in the betting markets, the betting markets were attaching a higher probability to him becoming the next president than to the UK leaving the European Union, a lot higher probability. So what we’ve learnt over night is that sometimes improbable things do actually come true, and that should give everybody a pause for thought.

Willie Geist (HOST): Well his nomination was an improbable thing, and it came true.

Nicolle Wallace: Right. But can I just go back? I mean, he does have some advisors, he did deliver a speech on a teleprompter yesterday that Donnie [Deutsch] almost punched me in the face for saying was a good move. And this morning he gets off the helicopter, the morning after a historic vote, and he has talked more about the incredible suites in the light tower. Two of the most beautiful suites, it’s like watching an ad for, you know, the Marriott chain. And I am just, I’m gobsmacked that he did not open with comments that suggest that he knows — maybe he’s jet-lagged. But I’m gobsmacked that he did not open with some comment about world events. I need a minute.


: But maybe, Gene, he’s two Donalds, and today he’s Donald Trump, the head of the Trump empire, and maybe today his job is to sell those two most beautiful suites and to get them booked. This is the riddle that is Donald Trump. Maybe today he’s not running for president, he’s selling suites.

“This Is The Riddle That Is Donald Trump. Maybe Today He’s Not Running For President, He’s Selling Suites,” Wallace said. But he is not a riddle. There aren’t two Donalds. He’s always selling suites. Did she miss the part of his Vegas speech the other day where he was also selling suites?

Folks, this IS Donald Trump. Despite her criticism, Wallace just can’t quite convince herself that what she was seeing was real. That Donald J. Trump is an on the make, money-grubbing grifter.

To be blunt, the world economy took a punch to the balls with Brexit, yet Trump was all about how a world disaster can benefit him personally. That’s now how a president should think, or how a president can afford to think. This was a window into Trump’s soul. Viewers had only to look.

What happens in the world is important to Donald Trump only to the extent that he stands to make or lose money off it. He has shown he will not hesitate to bail, whatever the consequences to others, if he faces a big personal loss.

And not for a moment should anyone think, were he elected president, he would stop being THIS Donald Trump. Trump will always come first. Making Trump rich will come before making America great. And we will have a president running all over the globe, using his office to make business deals and build his empire.

The U.S. economy, far less the world economy, should not be a shell game for one Donald J. Trump.

When Obama went on a world tour after his election and tried to make up for the misdeeds of George W. Bush, tried to assure the world we are not a rogue nation, critics called it his “Apology Tour.”

What, you have to wonder, would future pundits dub Trump’s tour? I suspect it would be something like Trump’s “Selling America” tour.

Only, he would literally be selling America. And pocketing the profits.