Hillary Clinton Was a “One-Woman Army” Fighting for Children’s Health Insurance

When we think about the issues that really matter to us, our children are high on the list. Even if we don’t have any ourselves, most of us want children to be fed, cared for, and have access to healthcare. We want at least the basics for the children in this country.

This is what Secretary Hillary Clinton has been fighting for her entire career. Clinton helped lead the bipartisan effort to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which more than 8 million kids are now using.

Hillary Clinton was “a one-woman army inside the White House to get this (CHIP) done,” David Nexon, Senator Kennedy’s former healthcare staff director, recalls Nick Littlefield, Kennedy’s top domestic policy adviser, saying in an article published in Medium.

CHIP and the fight for children’s healthcare are starring in a Clinton TV ad entitled “Kayla,” which will start on Saturday and run in eight states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia). It tells the story of a young girl who needed CHIP after being diagnosed with two chronic illnesses at the young age of 9.

Watch here:

“When Hillary Clinton was First Lady she was instrumental in passing the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and because she did, Kayla and millions of other kids have coverage,” Kayla’s mother, Amanda Strine, says in the ad. “That’s what Hillary Clinton did, and that tells you a lot about the kind of president she’ll be.”

It seems only right that a country this wealthy and powerful should take care of its children. But just like the battle for Obamacare, the battle Clinton and Kennedy and others fought for universal healthcare was an uphill battle against Republicans. That battle was lost, but the warriors for healthcare didn’t give up.

Nexon wrote of Kennedy’s fight, “… but Senator Kennedy didn’t wage this fight alone; he had a key ally inside the Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton was there when it counted. As Senator Kennedy said, ‘The children’s health program wouldn’t be in existence today if we didn’t have Hillary pushing for it from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.'”

This is a BFD. Too many voters are currently saying there is no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (presumptive 2016 presidential nominees for their respective parties). A person has to be completely unaware of both of their history to believe such a thing.

There is a reason Republicans have been trying so hard to malign Hillary Clinton’s person; it’s because they can’t fight her on the issues. If Republicans came out and said, “Hey, we don’t think your kids should be entitled to food and healthcare, it costs too much money and that is money we want to give to Big Oil and the Big Banks and Mitt Romney types as tax breaks and bailouts, so sorry not sorry” it would be very hard to get votes.

So they don’t say what they are doing. Instead they attack the person. They have been doing this to Clinton for decades in an attempt to whittle away her power and standing. This has been the real goal of the relentless and fruitless Benghazi investigations, which keep showing that no deliberate wrong doing or cover up exited. It was a horrible tragedy, yes. But not a scandal for Obama or Clinton.

Here’s the truth: Hillary Clinton has been a champion of children and families her entire career. What has Donald Trump been doing? He’s been ripping off students, declaring bankruptcy to rob contractors and workers, and talking about dating his daughter because she’s so hot, all while lining his own pocket.

When it comes to real family values like wanting care for all of our children and not just the elite, there is only one candidate in this race. Her name is Hillary Clinton. This is not an opinion, this is a fact based on both candidate’s track records and policies. It is not enough to say you “like” kids and are friends with them.

What have you DONE for all of our children — That is the question.