Trump Goes Psycho And Attacks His Own Foreign Policy Advisers While Riding A Golf Cart

While riding around one of his golf courses in a golf cart, Donald Trump bizarrely attacked his own foreign policy advisers and admitted to reporters that most of them were not good.

Video of Trump roaming around his golf course in Scotland instead of running for president:

Here was the exchange on the 13 hole:

Trump held an informal press gaggle and took questions from reporters while he gave them a tour of one of his golf courses in Scotland. Of course, the tour was nothing more than at attempt at getting free publicity for his golf course, but the idea that the Republican presidential nominee would admit that his own foreign policy advisers suck while running against the former Secretary of State is almost too surreal to be believed.

Here’s an idea. If Trump thinks his foreign policy advisers suck, then he should get some new ones because he is the leader of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is making it clear on a daily basis that running for president is not a priority to him. The Republicans have a nominee on their hands who is more interested in promoting his golf courses than winning the White House.

The entire scene is bizarre, and Trump’s public criticism of his own foreign policy team is another psycho moment for a candidate who doesn’t seem to be trying to win.