Trump Supporting Neo-Nazis Stab 5 People At Protest In Sacramento

Members of a neo-Nazi group whose founder supports Donald Trump have stabbed five people outside of a protest in Sacramento, CA.

The Sacramento Fire Department reported a mass stabbing at a neo-Nazi protest in Sacramento:

Journalist Frances Wang of ABC10 captured the violence that led to the protest by the neo-Nazi The Traditionalist Working Party being canceled:

Here is a pic from Wang of blood spatter on the ground:

The Traditional Workers Party was founded by a man who has been dubbed “THE LITTLE FÜHRER” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, who in the last few years has moved into neo-Nazism. The Little Fuhrer is a Donald Trump supporter, who has bragged about shoving a black woman at a Trump rally.

The violence in Sacramento represents what Trump is emboldening and encouraging. Trump has openly touted racism and bigotry, and white supremacists have flocked to his candidacy in droves. For those who think Trump is just a lying blowhard who should not be taken seriously, I encourage you to watch some of the videos above.

Donald Trump and his rhetoric are bringing the racists back above ground. Whether he wins or loses, Trump’s words have already damaged the country. What happened in Sacramento was just a taste of what Donald Trump’s America could look like.