Trump Throws A Twitter Tantrum Over Poll Show Him Getting Crushed By Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is throwing a Twitter fit, and claiming that the polls are biased against him after a new poll showed him getting smoked by Hillary Clinton.

Trump tweeted:

Trump also whined that he is the real change agent in this election:

Trump also managed to confuse predicting election results with having actual policies:

There is nothing in ABC News/Washington Post polls methodology to suggest that it was tilted towards Democrats. The pollster said that the increase in Democrats polled was statistically insignificant. In fact, the ABC News poll uses one of the most sophisticated methodologies in national polling. It is hilarious that a candidate who spent much of the primary tweeting the results of unscientific online polls now believes that professional polling is rigged against him.

Trump believes in unscientific polls because they show him winning:

Donald Trump knows as much about polling as he does about the Constitution, which is nothing. Interestingly, the other poll that was released today that showed Trump losing by 5 points, the Republican nominee characterized as fair.

There is nothing in the results of the ABC News poll that showed Trump’s support with Republicans dropping by eight points from 85% to 77% and his support declining with white voters by four points that would indicate bias.

The Trump campaign has no in-house data operation, so the candidate has nothing to compare the results to. Trump has expressed his belief in the past that all the polls that show him losing are fake. The problem is that he is losing in every single poll.

Trump’s tantrums are absurd. The poor little rich boy is losing so he complains that the game is rigged.

Donald Trump is losing because he is a loser, and no amount of whining on Twitter will make the pollsters cook the polls in his favor.