Together Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton Are Lightning in a Bottle

The following is a PoliticusUSA editorial written by co-publisher Sarah Jones.

If you haven’t watched the rally with Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton today, don’t miss it. It’s lighting in a bottle special. It’s Obama at the DNC in 2004.

This is the magic Clinton was missing.

Clinton brings massive experience and the right temperament. She is the most qualified nominee we’ve had in a long time. She is a serious person, and that’s good because this nation needs someone who will approach its problems like a grown up.

But as she herself has said, Clinton is not her husband or Obama. She doesn’t have that easy charm. That’s okay, her charm is in her studious, hardworking approach to all that she does. Nerds are in. The country will benefit from her calm, serious approach.

Clinton has gravitas. She knows things that can’t be taught and can only be learned from experience. She will be ready on day one. She won’t have the learning curve that Obama had, as his administration realized a little late in the game how important it was to spin and give sound bites.

That doesn’t mean Clinton couldn’t use a little magic. But magic is so hard to find. If you’re wondering how hard it is, look at the Republican Party’s nominees. They had to run Romney against Obama.

Well today… that magic showed up in the chemistry between Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. Together, they were goosebump excitement.

Warren is the perfect complement to Hillary Clinton. She makes Clinton cool in a way that Clinton isn’t on her own. Warren is fiery to Clinton’s steady calm. Warren’s admiration and respect for Clinton is contagious. Warren’s populist appeal perfectly enhances Clinton’s solid policy approach.

Before Donald Trump emerged as the presumptive GOP nominee, I didn’t think it would be smart to put two women on a ticket together. One glass ceiling at a time and all of that. But if Trump is the nominee, that opens the door to the gender issue in a whole new way. Trump could make this possible.

However the Clinton campaign decides to utilize this rare synergy, these two women together are a powerhouse. The mutual respect is obvious, and Warren brings out the hip part of Hillary Clinton. The on fire aspect that she can use. I wouldn’t say she needs it, she can get her message across but Warren brings authenticity and trustworthiness – two things the decades of Republican attacks have chipped away from Clinton’s persona.

This is that special something. These two women together are incredible. The Democrats have struck gold again, no matter how this relationship is utilized on the trail, as VP or as an opener for rallies, this is it. It is unbeatable.